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Canadian Placemaking Report

This report represents an exploration of what placemakers in Canada need to work more effectively, the challenges they face, and actionable recommendations to strengthen and multiply their impact. It is meant to be a resource for those who want to learn more about the current state of placemaking and those who are passionate about driving sustainable change in their communities.

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Arts Everywhere

ArtsEverywhere, the latest program of Musagetes, a Canadian philanthropic arts organization founded on a deep belief in the transformative power of the arts. With this online platform and its related projects, they offer a new forum concerned with the role the arts can play in addressing the faultlines of modern society and the deep and perplexing problems that beset…

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Great Public Spaces

These are the places we remember most vividly, the places where serendipitous things happen, the places we tell stories about. Browse some of the world’s most engaging public spaces, and nominate one you love.

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Take Action Now to Create Great Streets

Looking to create better streets in your community by using a Streets as Places approach? Check out this new resource page from Project for Public Spaces, and contribute your own ideas for contributing to livelier streets.

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Local Governments and the Sharing Economy: A Roadmap

While Sharing has always been a part of city life – through public libraries and community spaces for example – the past few years have seen a significant revival and acceleration in sharing innovation, This roadmap from One Earth is designed to help local governments across North America strategically engage with the Sharing Economy to…

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A People’s History of Recent Transportation Innovation

How do people factor into the myriad transportation innovations we have witnessed in the past decade? This report studies recent innovations in transportation practice in six major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and found that local advocacy and civic engagement were a necessary prerequisite for revitalizing urban transportation. The cities studied include New York City,…

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Local Governments and the Sharing Economy

Local governments are faced with a tsunami of Sharing Economy activities; many cities have adopted a piecemeal and reactive approach and lack long-term strategy. This roadmap helps local governments across North America strategically engage to foster more sustainable cities. Join the lead authors for a webinar about this report on Tues 24 November at 10am PST. 

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We Can’t Get There from Here: Why Pricing Congestion is Critical to Beating It

Traffic congestion costs Canadians. It slows economic productivity, raises the price of consumer goods, damages health, creates pollution, and lowers quality of life. This report lays out strategies to shift transportation incentives using congestion pricing to increase urban mobility and make more effective investments in transportation.

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The Just City Essays: 26 Visions for Urban Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity

This project began with 26 authors invited to answer two straightforward questions: what would a just city look like, and what could be strategies to get there? The research team raised these questions to architects, mayors, artists, doctors, designers, scholars, philanthropists, ecologists, urban planners, and community activists. Their responses came from 22 cities across five continents.

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C40 Cities: The decisions we make today will shape tomorrow

Did you know that one third of the world’s remaining safe carbon budget could be determined by urban policy decisions in the next five years? When it comes to climate change, cities matter. Read a 5-page pictorial report produced by C40 cities.

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