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Examining the potential impact of a basic income on social entrepreneurs

How can a basic income stimulate more innovation and entrepreneurship? This paper presents the results of a new survey administered to 1,473 members of Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) as well as a focus group and several individual case study interviews to examine the potential impact of a basic income on social entrepreneurship.

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What Next for Digital Social Innovation?

While it should be obvious that any 21st-century innovation strategy must encompass the work of digital social innovators, often public power and money are still locked in much more traditional methods, monopolised by big business and big science in just a few sectors. This report aims to take us closer to the tipping point of mainstreaming…

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Voyage d’études à Boston

À Boston, on trouve des projets d’avant-garde d’entrepreneuriat social, de revitalisation des quartiers et d’innovation citoyenne et de participation des jeunes à l’innovation sociale. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous nous y sommes rencontrés pour discuter de la manière de bâtir des villes plus inclusives, plus résilientes et plus innovantes.

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Boston Study Tour

From November 14 to 16, 2016, a group of 28 Canadian innovators met with representatives from 13 Boston changemaking organizations and professors from Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University to share expertise and feedback on how to build more inclusive, resilient and innovative cities. Read just a few of the highlights!

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Jane’s Walks 2017: Press Release

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What are the Commons?

This is an excellent primer for understanding what the civic commons are, why they are important, and what social and ecosystems are necessary to sustain them .

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Open Data Privacy Playbook

Cities today collect and store a wide range of data that may contain sensitive information about residents. As cities embrace open data initiatives, more of this information is released to the public. While opening data has many important benefits, sharing data comes with inherent risks to individual privacy. This report examines this tension.

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Incomplete Streets

Incomplete Streets problematizes the Complete Streets concept by suggesting that streets should not be thought of as merely physical spaces, but as symbolic and social spaces. The contributors posit that when important social and symbolic narratives are missing from the discourse and practice of Complete Streets, what actually results are spaces that reinforce inequalities.

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Just Not the Same

This image bank offers users a selection of scalies in ethnicities that are often under-represented in architectural renderings. It was founded by Rose Florian and Kordae Henry, who  met as graduate architecture students and wanted to change the ways in which architects approach visual depictions of the urban spaces we inhabit. Images are power!

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Active Transportation Planning Beyond the Greenbelt:

Thinking active transportation is only reasonable in dense, urban environments? This book profiles 13 projects that have improved conditions for walking and cycling in rural, suburban, and urban context beyond the GTHA – the ‘Outer Ring’ of the Greenbelt. Find out how smaller municipalities have implemented off-road trails, paved shoulders, bike lanes, sidewalks and more…

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