What will you be doing June 7? #100in1day

Organization: 100in1day

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It all started in Bogota in 2012.

What started out as inspiration for a handful of Danish students trying to make the most of their new environment set the public’s imagination on fire. Before they knew it, the students had leaped from 8 planned “interventions” (acts designed to make people stop and question the status quo), they were riding a wave of 250 citizen actions.

It sparked an international movement, proving once again that no one is too small to make a real change and that change comes in many forms.



In 2013, Copenhagen and Montreal got on board and staged their own day of citizen interventions. This year, on June 7, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver plan to join in.

Two of our curating teams, Evergreen CityWorks and the Montreal's Urban Ecology Centre will be actively involved and partnering with local 100in1day teams to provide the support needed to catalyze these dreams. Spacing will also be providing coverage and a forum to get stories into the mainstream imagination.


It's certainly an idea that a lot of our team members are super excited about, I started scouring the net for interesting ideas that would make good 100in1day activities. Here are some of the ones that I loved:


Disco Soupe  is a festive event aimed at educating folks about food waste. While dancing of course! And sharing a bowl of soup! #Montreal

For more, visit their official site.


Great idea building on the popular "Before I die" wall pioneered by Candy Chang.


Silent Disco Squad (SDS) invites a huge group of folks to get together with headsets on. Everyone turns their music players on at the exact same moment and then grooves to the same song. So you have an exuberant, writhing mass of people but no actual audible music! Click here to watch one in progress (though they've added a soundtrack just for the video). SO FUN! THis one's happening all over the place so click here to find an SDS near you.


The Bowery Project Toronto are hoping that the local citizens will help create a Massive Mobile Urban Farm built out of milk crates on June 7th! Help needed: donated milk crates, soil, edible plant seedlings and labour. To get involved and learn more about the intervention: http://bit.ly/S8I6ez


Parents, you'll want in on this one! Children aged 7-17 can learn how to use their body weight and limbs to massage their parents and other family members without getting tired. Key components 1. body weight/gravity as taught in the shiatsu style of body work 2. communication to ensure that all parties feel comfortable. Happening June 7th at Dufferin Grove Park from 2-3pm. Book your spot now:http://bit.ly/1lGmyNP


The above image is by Montreal street artist Roadsworth and it would make a great, kid-friendly intervention. It's easy enough to accomplish with some inexpensive pavement chalk, some friends and your imagination.


Love the idea of suspending a bunch of children's books from a tree at a height that makes it easy for a child to just "pick a fruit" and enjoy. Nourishment for the mind.

And speaking of books...


What about studding your city's park benches, cafés, bus stops and parks with copies of your favourite placemaking-themed books. This idea of book-sharing was made mainstream by Bookcrossing.com and getting a Bookcrossing code might be a great way to follow your book's journey as it illuminates minds. Stuck for titles to share? Here's a great list of city reads to choose from.


Get your groove on in Montreal with some hula hoops.Why? To get a better sense of how your body works and moves and to have fun with a bunch of strangers. Details here.

Have more ideas? Share them in the comments below! Can't wait to hear your own inspirations for citizen interventions.

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