Walkable Cities are Inclusive Cities

Organization: Toronto Centre for Active Transportation

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What makes a city inclusive for folks of all ages?

Susan Eng, Vice President of the Canadian Association for Retired Persons, says it's sidewalks. 

Sidewalks, the in-between spaces in a city, are often thought of as a means to and end - the path to a destination. But if you look at any walkable neighborhood, the sidewalk is the destination. It is a public space just like any other - parks, squares, and the like - except, it's everywhere in the city.

Walkable neighborhoods offer people a human scale of interaction. Comfortable, clean, wide, and tree-lined sidewalks mean more spontaneous encounters with people. You're more likely to bump into neighbors, pet a stranger's dog, or high-five a fellow jogger.

Check out what Susan Eng has to say about walkable Toronto in this video by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation:

This video is part the It's Your Move series by TCAT. Check out the rest of the series for thoughts on active transportation from Ontario.

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