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Today I have become the proud owner of 2 heirloom tomato plants and one red basil seedling. I have high hopes for these babies. They are going to help me overcome my (undeserved) reputation as a plant killer. After all, though I don"t have a back yard, our apartment has a gorgeous, sunny balcony and my toddler is STOKED about this whole urban gardening thing.

I decided to buy organic seedlings from my local coop, so the three plants cost me $12, THEN I realized that I need to spring for some 10 inch pots to house them, each likely to set me back a minimum of $10. That's a total of $42 and I don't even have enough plants to produce meaningful contributions to our table. I really had dreams of a lush, thriving balcony oasis. But, it turns out, gardening supplies aren't as low-budget as I was hoping.


PlantCatching is connects you with gardeners in your area and lets you do two very simple things:

1. Find plants, seeds and bulbs, gardening materials and even fruits and vegetables given by fellow gardeners, either anonymously in a public area, or personally at or near their property.

2. Share your passion by giving your plants, seeds, bulbs and your own harvest crops so that existing members of the site or even passers-by can catch, plant and admire them, or eat them.

All for free!

The only thing you're required to do is sign up for a PlantCatching account and register your plant. And they have an event coming up this weekend: May 25th from 9:30am to 11am.

I personally love this idea because not only does it offer me options for bringing down my balcony garden startup costs, but it plugs me in to a knowledgeable community of fellow urban gardeners (whom I'll need if I'm ever going to keep this basil plant alive!). I'm certainly looking forward to sharing the fruits of my humble apartment growop with fellow PlantCatchers in the fall.

Would you use PlantCatching? Where do you get your own gardening supplies?


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