Active Neighbourhoods Canada / Réseau quartiers verts

Organization: Centre d’écologie urbaine de Montréal (Montréal Urban Ecology Centre (lead organization), Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, Sustainable Calgary Society

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Active Neighbourhoods Canada builds on an innovative and proven initiative of the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre, called Quartiers verts actif et en santé (Green, Active and Healthy Neighbourhoods). The approach to neighbourhood planning involves a methodology and set of tools to train organizations, share learning, and to accompany marginalized local communities in participatory planning processes that encourage active transportation as well as active citizenship.

Active Neighbourhoods Canada objectives are to:

  • Develop new collaborations among organizations in Canada in order to learn and share approaches, methodologies, learning and tools.
  • Deploy the Quartiers verts, actifs et en santé initiative in three Canadian provinces through engaging people in participatory planning processes in 12 local marginalized communities.
  • Bring about change in norms, policies, and practices that encourage better planning and development for active transportation in Canada.

Key activities include:

  • Training, knowledge sharing, and coaching with partner organizations and in 12 local Canadian communities.
  • Creation and facilitation of a pan-Canadian Community of Practice that brings together professionals and academics from health and built environment fields as well as a new network of Active Neighbourhoods communities across Canada.
  • Research activities and the production of thematic publications.
  • Presentations and events for the general public.
  • Research and experimentation with new technologies for citizen engagement, especially young people.

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