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Psychology & the City : The Hidden Dimension

In a constant cycle of influencing and being influenced, the city impacts upon our mind and our emotional state impacts upon the city with untold effects. This new book by Charles Landry explores the under-studied connections between psychology and our individual and collective experiences of cities in order to bring out potential and help heal fractures.

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Incomplete Streets

Incomplete Streets problematizes the Complete Streets concept by suggesting that streets should not be thought of as merely physical spaces, but as symbolic and social spaces. The contributors posit that when important social and symbolic narratives are missing from the discourse and practice of Complete Streets, what actually results are spaces that reinforce inequalities.

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The City at Eye Level

The City at Eye Level is a book (co-authored by 90+ contributors), an open source learning network, and a program for improving cities, streets and places all over the world, using public space quality as the backbone. Download the book for free, or choose to purchase a hard copy. If your language is missing, you’re invited to…

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