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Wondering how to convey a neighbourhood’s feel in a quick, visual way? Streetography is reinventing the streetmap on smartphones by overlaying maps with curated, high-quality photos to give users a taste of the local flavor of each block, neighborhood, or city. Watch the video and try it out!

August 8, 2017 Visit Site

Montreal Sound Map

Of interest to urban audiophiles: this is a web-based soundscape map of Montreal, which invites collaborators to upload field recordings to a Google Map of the city. The project acts as a ‘sonic time capsule’ in that it captures the ever-changing sounds of an evolving city. The aim is to encourage people to listen more…

December 12, 2016 Visit Site

Mapping Momentum: A Snapshot of the Emerging Field of Systems Change

Authors Rachel Sinha and Tim Draimin present two maps designed to shine a light on the work of systems change pioneers. This report works with the hypothesis that this emerging field will be better able to organize itself with a vision of how the parts fit and work together. “A clearer picture leads to greater…

July 29, 2016 Visit Site