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Quebec’s Vacant Church Buildings Resurrected as Community Spaces

This article explores how Quebec’s churches are being repurposed as community hubs and cultural centers – from libraries to coworking spaces to circus art studios! “Whether you’re a believer or not, the church is still a meeting place…It’s the heart of the neighborhood, and we’re going to give it back that role.” – Dominique Drolet, Présidente d’Espace Solidaire,…

August 1, 2017 Visit Site

A visit to a urban commons in Ghent: the NEST experiment

The municipality of Ghent, Belgium is at the forefront of the international stage of urban commons. This article shares how NEST, a cooperatively planned, designed, and managed six-storey building, is temporarily opening up a civically minded space for collaboration.

July 18, 2017 Visit Site

What are the Commons?

This is an excellent primer for understanding what the civic commons are, why they are important, and what social and ecosystems are necessary to sustain them .

April 21, 2017 Visit Site