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Empathy Map Tool

Empathy maps can be a great tool to round out one’s understanding of user experience. This simple exercise can help ground you in the perspectives of those who your project serves or affects, and can prompt you to refine the engagement, design or delivery of your work.

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CitizenLab helps governments become more citizen-centric, through user-friendly cloud-based software, insightful data analytics, and focus on mobile platforms – allowing for deeper citizen engagement and co-created city spaces. This ready-to-use, yet fully customisable city platform is currently available in 20+ languages.

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PARTICIPOLOGY is a resource designed to help engage people in a participative process leading to a plan or strategy. Using a board-game format where players encounter questions/challenges as the dice throw dictates, it comes with guidance and templates that you can tailor to your needs.

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Community Lovers’ Guide

The Community Lover’s Guide shares a bevy of unique and innovative projects carried out at the neighbourhood level – recognising that these imaginative projects are incredibly important to a city’s vitality. Keep checking back for new content!

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