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Explore the global front runners for city climate action

The Global Opportunity Explorer showcases 300 of the most innovative urban climate solutions from cities around the world. Discover how cities are using climate action to future-proof against challenges such as extreme weather, air pollution and growing populations in areas including transportation, waste, energy, mitigation and adaptation. Open for submissions!

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Explainer: What is a national urban policy?

The overriding idea behind a national urban policy is to make sure that this urban lens figures prominently into the decision-making of any national government — on transportation, housing, trade, health and much more. But how does a country go about developing and implementing such a policy? Read this explainer to find out.

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“New economic” logics and urban sustainability transitions

This paper argues that cities will play a critical role in sustainability transitions, and that the direction of such transitions will inevitably be shaped by prevailing economic logics. Whilst neoliberalism has played a powerful role in shaping urban development, the authors highlight four alternative, ‘new economic’ logics representing fundamentally different modes of economic organization.

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Fab City Blog

A collection of news, stories and ideas contributed by members of the Fab City global initiative.

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Defining and advancing a systems approach for sustainable cities

This paper argues for a systems approach in urban research and policy analysis. The authors present four key issues for the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda: institutional setup on urban issues; promoting regenerative culture, behaviour, and design; financing a systems approach; and a new and enhanced role for…

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