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When Cities Become Science, Where Does Art Fit In?

Blog post on the role of public art from NPR.

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What Works Cities

Launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April 2015, What Works Cities is a national initiative to help 100 mid-sized American cities enhance their use of data and evidence to improve services, inform local decision-making and engage residents. It is designed to support Mayors and city leaders to advance the effectiveness of their governments.

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What Next for Digital Social Innovation?

While it should be obvious that any 21st-century innovation strategy must encompass the work of digital social innovators, often public power and money are still locked in much more traditional methods, monopolised by big business and big science in just a few sectors. This report aims to take us closer to the tipping point of mainstreaming…

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What are the Commons?

This is an excellent primer for understanding what the civic commons are, why they are important, and what social and ecosystems are necessary to sustain them .

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We Can’t Get There from Here: Why Pricing Congestion is Critical to Beating It

Traffic congestion costs Canadians. It slows economic productivity, raises the price of consumer goods, damages health, creates pollution, and lowers quality of life. This report lays out strategies to shift transportation incentives using congestion pricing to increase urban mobility and make more effective investments in transportation.

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Voyage d’études à Boston

À Boston, on trouve des projets d’avant-garde d’entrepreneuriat social, de revitalisation des quartiers et d’innovation citoyenne et de participation des jeunes à l’innovation sociale. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous nous y sommes rencontrés pour discuter de la manière de bâtir des villes plus inclusives, plus résilientes et plus innovantes.

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Urban Resilience Research Prospectus: A Resilience Alliance Initiative for Transitioning Urban System towards Sustainable Futures

The aim of the Research Prospectus is to prioritize urban resilience research over the next 3-5 years on the major challenges facing urban systems.

February 6, 2014 Download

UN Habitat Background Paper: Public Spaces for All Designed to Live Together

Urban October is a time of raising awareness, promoting participation, generating knowledge and engaging the international community towards a New Urban Agenda. As part of Urban October 2015, the UN Habitat released a backgrounder exploring how planners, designers, architects, engineers, and residents can work together to design better public spaces that foster healthier, happier communities.

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Transforming Together: Leading for People and Place

Based on interviews with councils and their public sector & voluntary organisation partners, the authors explore conditions for collaborative innovation in local government. Findings include: focus on outcomes not services; lead with passion, energy and a recognition that the best strategies come from people using & working at the coalface; relationships are at the heart of…

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