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How can we improve urban resilience with open data?

A large part of the work in urban resilience is focused around issues that are constantly changing and evolving, such as migration patterns, employment trends, natural disasters, demographics, climate change, industrial developments and disease – all of which require access to huge quantities of data. This paper suggests five recommendations and implementation approaches for policymakers working…

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Getting to Moonshot: Inspiring R&D practices in Canada’s social impact sector

This report presents a snapshot of the landscape of “Social Research & Development” exploration in Canada – a poorly understood and under-funded element in the social impact sector. The report highlights 50 compelling R&D practices from 14 organizations across Canada, illustrating that pursuing R&D is beneficial in many ways.

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Les enfants dans la ville: une laboratoire

Voici un résumé du processus et des résultats d’un laboratoire co-créatif et fondé sur une discussion libre, portant sur les espaces urbaines et les enfants, mise en oeuvre par des représentant(e)s de 30+ organismes communautaires du Canada et des États-Unis.

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National Housing Collaborative Press Release

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Placemaking Leadership Forum Report

This Conference Report shares highlights – in the form of notes, photographs, and videos – from the 2016 Placemaking Leadership Forum, which took place September 14–17th in Vancouver, Canada. The jam-packed week included tours, workshops, small talks, big talks, and side events, and aimed at envisioning and creating action plans towards a place-led future for…

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Kids and Place Lab: Summary

This report summarizes the ideas and outcomes of a Kids and Place Lab, convened in Montreal by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation at Percolab. The Lab brought together about people from about 30 organizations in Canada and the United States, all working childhood well-being, healthy cities, and the lab process as it applies to cities…

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101 small ways you can improve your city

Sometimes the smallest things we can do for our neighborhoods can have the biggest impact. This list of 101 urban interventions and ideas show how even the tiniest changes can make our cities better places, where it’s on the street, in a park, or with your neighbours.

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Portrait Sonore: Walking Documentaries in Canadian cities

Citizens, to your headphones! These ‘Walking Documentaries’ for Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal, guide you through the stories of neighbourhoods in a lively and poetic manner. Experience the city you know or one that’s new to you in an engaging way.

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Pilot Lessons: How to design a basic income pilot project for Ontario

This report opens up a conversation on basic income for Ontarians by exploring how its benefits could extend beyond poverty alleviation to include impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and our society’s relationship to work in general.

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Sharing the Road: The Promise and Perils of Shared Mobility in the GTHA

This report makes a series of recommendations for building a robust and flexible transportation system that can effectively respond to the emergence of “shared mobility” in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. This is a key area of research in transportation planning from economic, social, and environmental perspectives.

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