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OrganiCity is a new EU project that brings together three cities – Aarhus, London and Santander – that are leaders in using so-called “smart city” technologies, as well as 15 consortium members with diversity in skills and experience. The goal is to improve cities’ services for citizens while reducing resource consumption.  

January 4, 2017 Visit Site

How can we improve urban resilience with open data?

A large part of the work in urban resilience is focused around issues that are constantly changing and evolving, such as migration patterns, employment trends, natural disasters, demographics, climate change, industrial developments and disease – all of which require access to huge quantities of data. This paper suggests five recommendations and implementation approaches for policymakers working…

December 9, 2016 Visit Site

Rethinking Smart Cities From The Ground Up

This report tells the stories of cities around the world – from Beijing to Amsterdam, and from London to Jakarta – that are addressing urban challenges by using digital technologies to engage and enable citizens.

June 25, 2015 Visit Site