News: New Economies report released!

One Earth, in collaboration with CCEDNet, has released their Voices of New Economies report, inspired by all those who are rising up to shape new economies that work for people, places, and the planet. The report brings together visually engaging content from the New Economies blog series to map out key ideas, patterns, and perspectives and chart new economic approaches.

The report includes interviews with leaders in the areas of Rethinking our Fundamentals, Healthy Ecosystems & Happy Communities, Building an Inclusive Economy, Tools & Policies to get us there, and New Economies at Work.

“Although the large-scale patterns of economic inequality and inadequate measures continue to prevail, individuals, institutions, and communities around the world are beginning to awaken to a new economic era. This compendium was put together to spark dialogue around the question: What might new economies in the 21st Century look like? The following pages feature the insights of various thought leaders and practitioners from across North America, with backgrounds ranging from policy to computer science to accounting to biology.” - excerpt from the Introduction, written by Jane Zhang.

You can access it in full on Issu - see the link below. And, as part of the ongoing collaboration between One Earth, Musagetes, Adjacent Possibilities, and others, the Artist Round Table (A.RT) on New Economies brought together a diverse group of panellists with provocative ideas about art, economy, and transformative change. Watch a video of the A.RT, hosted at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, here.

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