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The Parable Conference

cheyanne turions I assume that the experience of direct address—rare and potent—is the desired effect of any art work. The tactics are manifold and the media diverse, but the consequence, when everything works just so, is that the viewer is arrested. Over the summer and fall of 2014, this idea of direct address was literally...
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By cheyanne turions Classic theories of aesthetic enjoyment are based upon ideas of harmony or exercises of proportion or the invocation beauty, all of which were severely disrupted in the 20th century by movements such as Abstract Expressionism and Dadaism. With these new forms, pleasure was to be mined in other places: vulgarity, non-representation, asymmetry,...
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by Jessica Hein Projected in a grid on a gallery wall, a video of hands at work creates a rich tapestry of images and sound. Hands deboning fish, kneading dough, beating eggs, whisking, stirring, chopping, skinning. Each task has its own rhythm that moves in and out, at changing speeds. In the background, a bell...
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Free Home University: Experimenting with Learning

by Musagetes A project of Loop House (Lecce, IT) and Musagetes, curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland, Luigi Negro, and Alessandra Pomarico, Free Home University (FHU) is a pedagogical experiment grounded in experiencing life and creativity in common. FHU is a response to the need to generate new ways of sharing and creating knowledge. Created in collaboration with a...
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Voices of New Economies: Todd Scaletta

INTERDEPENDENCIES REQUIRED FOR SUSTAINABILITY By Todd Scaletta Our world is based on nested dependencies (see work by Bob Doppelt, Peter Senge as well as Bob Willard). The environment is all-encompassing with society being nested in the environment and in turn business being nested within the environment and society. I have often used a quote from...
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Voices of New Economies: Charles Montgomery

VOICES OF NEW ECONOMIES - AN INTERVIEW WITH CHARLES MONTGOMERY By Alicia Tallack Charles Montgomery has travelled around the world to better understand what it means to have a Happy City, how we can build it by focusing on what makes us truly happy, and how it changes everything when we do. This concept is...
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Voices of New Economies: Alex Wood

Voices of New Economies - An Interview with Alex Wood By Alicia Tallack For Alex Wood, Senior Director, Policy and Markets at Sustainable Prosperity, the concept of new economies is directly aligned with that of green economies.  Currently, Alex is working on the Sustainable Prosperity Framework project. Focusing on the three pillars of environment, economy,...
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Articles from SPACING

Weekly feature blogs produced by our partner, Spacing, the Canadian urbanist magazine

Design Citizens: professional-grassroots urban tactics

For one dreary rainy afternoon this past July, an underpass of Ottawa’s Queensway was overtaken by acoustic guitars and hot pink shag carpets. With bicycles and runners, and the rumble of the O-Train and highway as a backdrop, passersby were invited to play a song on the guitar or lounge on the carpeted concrete slopes […]

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L’indifférence citoyenne a-t-elle cautionné la période noire de Laval?

En 2005, une étude gouvernementale identifie Laval comme la ville où le taux d’appartenance des citoyens à leur communauté est le plus bas au Canada. Cette étude est réalisée quelques mois avant les élections municipales, qui reconduisent le maire sortant Gilles Vaillancourt pour un cinquième mandat. L’écrasante majorité de sa victoire contraste de manière inquiétante […]

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Travelogue: CityLab 2014

Recently, Los Angeles became the subject of much attention as the civically-minded flocked to the city to take part in this year’s CityLab conference. CityLab is a symposium for over 300 of the world’s mayors to openly discuss challenges, create scalable solutions and share in situational urban advancements. Conversations are curated to inspire solutions for […]

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Household waste in urban space

You may have heard that Edmonton’s downtown and central neighbourhoods are experiencing a renaissance; new growth is occurring in both population and development. What hasn’t changed is Edmonton’s entrepreneurial spirit. No, that’s been around since the city’s founding. The difference is that this new growth has made the city bolder – and more innovative. One […]

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