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by Jessica Hein Projected in a grid on a gallery wall, a video of hands at work creates a rich tapestry of images and sound. Hands deboning fish, kneading dough, beating eggs, whisking, stirring, chopping, skinning. Each task has its own rhythm that moves in and out, at changing speeds. In the background, a bell...
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Free Home University: Experimenting with Learning

by Musagetes A project of Loop House (Lecce, IT) and Musagetes, curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland, Luigi Negro, and Alessandra Pomarico, Free Home University (FHU) is a pedagogical experiment grounded in experiencing life and creativity in common. FHU is a response to the need to generate new ways of sharing and creating knowledge. Created in collaboration with a...
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Nunavut in Venice

by cheyanne turions Fifteen years ago now, the territory of Nunavut was formed, the result of an arduous land claims negotiation that stands as a laudable attempt to reckon the practice of settler colonialism with the reality of Aboriginal title. The expanse of Nunavut—nearly two million square kilometres—is now under Indigenous rule while maintaining federation...
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Manifesta 10

by cheyanne turions This June, the 10th edition of the Manifesta Biennale opened in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since its beginning, the Biennale has been itinerant, typically unfolding in peripheral European cities or contested regions. Prioritizing processes of research as a tool for embedding the event in specific local contexts, the concept of each edition reflects upon...
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Vancouver Climate Risk Forum – Dec 5

On December 5th, the Vancouver Climate Risk Forum will build on similar events hosted in Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco, and bring together local leaders and investment professionals to talk about the impact of climate risk on our pensions, cities, foundations, churches, and other public institutions. Scientists and organizations like the International Energy Agency are...
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The prize-winning city

By Jo Flatt What do canned goods, margarine, fire extinguishers and the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris all have in common? They were all innovations resulting from contests, an old concept that has roared back in style like vintage fashion. Prize contests refer to the practice of crowdsourcing new ideas, strategies or...
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In early October, people gathered at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto to listen to eight speakers talk about how cities can not only grow and develop but also flourish. The Walrus Talks Resilience, produced by The Walrus Foundation in collaboration with Musagetes and Cities for People, responded to the question: how can cities...
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Is Uber part of the Sharing Economy?

For years now, long term changes in consumer priorities, coupled with the global economic downturn, have driven many innovators to test new business models which focus less on ownership and disposable goods, and more on reallocating existing resources, and connecting potential service providers with potential customers. This ingenuity is often warmly referred to as “the […]

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12 simple ways Auckland gets walking right

We at Modacity recently spent five days in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand, having been invited by Auckland Council to share some lessons from Vancouver’s recent implementation of an AAA (all ages and abilities) bike network, and how that crucial shift in strategy has broadened the type of people riding bicycles: including women, […]

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Updating St. John’s accessibility

If you’ve ever tried to get around St. John’s at any time of year, (but particularly in the winter), you know one thing: the city is historic, and charming, and blessed with beautiful views — but it is not accessible. Urban environments can provide access to a variety of services for citizens with accessibility concerns — for example, Toronto’s […]

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Spacial continuity in the urban realm

Developing cities sensitive to human needs is a vital task as the world continues to urbanize. A person cannot lead a rich, full life if the urban fabric ignores their psychological necessities. In resource-driven, rapidly developing cities such as Edmonton, the need for spatial continuity is rarely respected. Humans situate themselves in relation to their […]

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