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My two muggings

Part 1 of 2 urban vignettes from São Paulo Todd Lester Perhaps the title sends a shiver of alarm, but a positive side of the story is that in two different mugging incidents in São Paulo, I was not harmed despite both involving handguns and potential violence. The first one happened a year ago. I...
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Urban Encounters with Curatorial Collective Aisle 4

By Jessica Hein The built city shifts from being an articulation of zones and maps and blueprints to something that has tone, tempo, and flavour when its inhabitants step out of their doors, enter the streets, and make their paths through the unfolding of daily life. A community’s network of paths forms a constantly evolving...
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cheyanne turions There is no shortage of ways to be in relation, but subject as we are to instinct and instruction, patterns emerge. Over his 30 year career as a musician, Dong-Won Kim has observed tendencies in the practice of improvisation: some performers are great communicators, playing with their eyes open; other performers are lone...
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by cheyanne turions Dear Carolee: Carolee Schneemann in Letters Organized by Kunstverein Toronto G Gallery 27 November 2014–10 January 2015 CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN Since the late 1950s, the life of Carolee Schneemann (1939–) has been expressed through her artistic practice, first with the medium of paint and then through the medium of her often nude body,...
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Progressive Planning and Community Organizing in the 21st Century

This Thursday, join a seminar at Concordia by Tom Angotti on the need for new approaches to planning and community organizing from a range of histories and perspectives.Organized by Concordia University, this seminar will focus on the need for progressive planning and organizing to go beyond advocacy and equity models. Angotti will trace the historical...
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Green Dream screening (Wed, 8 April)

What are the relationships between natural spaces and urban areas? How do we as city-dwellers experience nature within the city? This Wednesday at 7pm, Maia Iotzova's new film Green Dream will show for the first time in Montreal at the Cinémathèque québécoise. "Green Dream is a personal documentary that contemplates nature's place within the city....
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Research Justice: A more equitable approach to data collection and use within the complex urban ecosystem Who collects data? Who responds? Who uses it? Who benefits? These are important questions to ask when undertaking research that involves gathering spatial data from citizens. "One of the most significant challenges in participatory surveying and mapping work are the...
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Articles from SPACING

Weekly feature blogs produced by our partner, Spacing, the Canadian urbanist magazine

Toronto cyclists have hearts of gold

The City of Toronto was awarded a Silver Bicycle Friendly Community Award in 2012 for achievement in the areas of Education, Enforcement, Engineering, Education and Evaluation. In April 2015, the City was awarded Gold for progress made over the last 3 years. Share The Road makes these awards based on the League of American Bicyclists […]

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Green settlement: living sustainable lives in Canada

This post by Ajith Aluthwatta is part of Spacing‘s partnership with the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank at the University of Toronto. The Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank partners with CultureLink Settlement Services and Cycle Toronto on their groundbreaking, award winning green settlement program Bike Host. Find out more about the think tank, and […]

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Grassroots transit advocacy in Halifax

By Sean Gillis and Scott Edgar Halifax desperately needs better public transit. To be sure, the city would benefit from the decrease in carbon emissions that would come with more people commuting by transit instead of by car. But high-quality transit is also essential for making a city affordable for families that can’t afford two […]

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Design Citizens: professional-grassroots urban tactics

For one dreary rainy afternoon this past July, an underpass of Ottawa’s Queensway was overtaken by acoustic guitars and hot pink shag carpets. With bicycles and runners, and the rumble of the O-Train and highway as a backdrop, passersby were invited to play a song on the guitar or lounge on the carpeted concrete slopes […]

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