• Montreal subway cars get new life and revitalize public space
  • Read the summary | Kids and Place Lab: Learning from the United States and exploring for Canada
  • Cities as Places of Transformation: A Presentation from Jayne Engle
  • Crafty placemaking with Brussels-based Urban Foxes
  • This February, Edmonton will host the second Winter Cities Shake-Up

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Cities as Places of Transformation

Last May, Jayne Engle gave the keynote presentation at the Montreal Urban Sustainability Experience (MUSE) Symposium on the enormous transformative potential of cities - and the thorny obstacles that are preventing the kind of wholesale changes that would allow cities to be liveable, resilient, and inclusive. Here is the introduction to her presentation: Cities as...
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​Montreal subway cars get new life and revitalize public space

Elvira Truglia Civic Innovation Blog Series: Campus—City collaborations. This post is the second in a series showcasing the seven selected projects of the Civic Innovation Awards. Launched in the fall of 2015, the awards program supports innovative collaborations between post-secondary institutions and community organizations, municipalities or businesses that strengthen their communities. Montreal's South West is...
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Crafty placemaking with Brussels-based Urban Foxes

This is second in our Placemaker Profile series. Read Part 1, an interview with Victoria Dickenson, here. We first heard of Urban Foxes, a Brussels-based collective, when one of its founders reached out to us, sharing their “Saint-Cath-sur-Mer” project. We found this to be an unassuming yet impactful approach to bringing people together around a...
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Placemaker profile: Victoria Dickenson

This is the first in a Placemaking Profile series in which we will share short conversations we've had with leaders in Canadian cities - from those who are actively building places that foster social inclusion to those who listen, engage, and tell stories from the communities that make up our cities. For more information about...
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Articles from SPACING

Weekly feature blogs produced by our partner, Spacing, the Canadian urbanist magazine

WWW: Designing the just and accessible city

Examining the gendered nature of public transit Recognizing the tremendous impact that traditional gender roles have on how individuals use transit, cities are taking steps to redesign public spaces and transportation networks to better serve the needs of women and families. How intelligent urban design can winterize cities How Edmonton is strategically implementing urban design […]

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WWW: Cycling and the city — the bold, the bad, and the beautiful

Innovative new ideas for bicycle parking As cycling becomes an increasingly popular mode of urban transportation cities are experiencing a serious shortage of bicycle parking spaces. To combat this shortage, innovators are designing creative new methods of utilizing scarce urban space to create bicycle parking. Does improving cycling infrastructure lead to gentrification?  Studies in San […]

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Book Review – People Cities: The Life and Legacy of Jan Gehl

Written by Annie Matan & Peter Newman, (Island Press, 2016) Over the last 50 years, Jan Gehl has changed the way we think about architecture and city planning, helping cities reclaim their public space for people. People Cities: The Life and Legacy of Jan Gehl celebrates and chronicles Jan’s career, telling the inside story of […]

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WWW: Making art functional in cities around the world

Alleys to Art A neighborhood in Philadelphia has transformed a formerly derelict alleyway into a work of art by installing a glowing LED mural. The project aims to improve the safety of underused spaces that otherwise attract crime. Solar powered, glow-in-the-dark bike lanes in Poland Poland is testing new glow-in-the-dark bike lanes, entirely powered by […]

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