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Urban Encounters with Curatorial Collective Aisle 4

By Jessica Hein The built city shifts from being an articulation of zones and maps and blueprints to something that has tone, tempo, and flavour when its inhabitants step out of their doors, enter the streets, and make their paths through the unfolding of daily life. A community’s network of paths forms a constantly evolving...
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cheyanne turions There is no shortage of ways to be in relation, but subject as we are to instinct and instruction, patterns emerge. Over his 30 year career as a musician, Dong-Won Kim has observed tendencies in the practice of improvisation: some performers are great communicators, playing with their eyes open; other performers are lone...
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The Parable Conference

cheyanne turions I assume that the experience of direct address—rare and potent—is the desired effect of any art work. The tactics are manifold and the media diverse, but the consequence, when everything works just so, is that the viewer is arrested. Over the summer and fall of 2014, this idea of direct address was literally...
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By cheyanne turions Classic theories of aesthetic enjoyment are based upon ideas of harmony or exercises of proportion or the invocation beauty, all of which were severely disrupted in the 20th century by movements such as Abstract Expressionism and Dadaism. With these new forms, pleasure was to be mined in other places: vulgarity, non-representation, asymmetry,...
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From our Blog

Voices of New Economies – Social Equity in Green Cities

By Jessica Knowler For Women Transforming Cities, the present-day economic reality is one of increasing inequality that has disparate outcomes for marginalized communities. This is to say that economic inequality tends to fall along gendered and racialized lines (to name only two). Such inequality is echoed in the Canadian labour force, which is still arranged...
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Voices of New Economies – Healthy Communities, Healthy Economies

By Adam Lynes-Ford I’m really interested in the possibilities that arise from two realities: There are multiple benefits of providing health care to people where they live. In order to keep people and communities healthy, the evidence tells us we need to prioritize offering accessible, interdisciplinary care and support in communities - and when needed,...
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Articles from SPACING

Weekly feature blogs produced by our partner, Spacing, the Canadian urbanist magazine

Green settlement: living sustainable lives in Canada

This post by Ajith Aluthwatta is part of Spacing‘s partnership with the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank at the University of Toronto. The Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank partners with CultureLink Settlement Services and Cycle Toronto on their groundbreaking, award winning green settlement program Bike Host. Find out more about the think tank, and […]

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Grassroots transit advocacy in Halifax

By Sean Gillis and Scott Edgar Halifax desperately needs better public transit. To be sure, the city would benefit from the decrease in carbon emissions that would come with more people commuting by transit instead of by car. But high-quality transit is also essential for making a city affordable for families that can’t afford two […]

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Design Citizens: professional-grassroots urban tactics

For one dreary rainy afternoon this past July, an underpass of Ottawa’s Queensway was overtaken by acoustic guitars and hot pink shag carpets. With bicycles and runners, and the rumble of the O-Train and highway as a backdrop, passersby were invited to play a song on the guitar or lounge on the carpeted concrete slopes […]

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L’indifférence citoyenne a-t-elle cautionné la période noire de Laval?

En 2005, une étude gouvernementale identifie Laval comme la ville où le taux d’appartenance des citoyens à leur communauté est le plus bas au Canada. Cette étude est réalisée quelques mois avant les élections municipales, qui reconduisent le maire sortant Gilles Vaillancourt pour un cinquième mandat. L’écrasante majorité de sa victoire contraste de manière inquiétante […]

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